About Us

This is our story.

MetaDiablo was based on a mission; the mission to create a website that better fit the Diablo II community. This project started out as BlizzForge. BlizzForge was intended to be an All-In-One community for all of Blizzard Entertainment's games; that started around the year 2009. Fast forward to today, and with a team of various individuals that have decades of experience, we end up with MetaDiablo. A website/community that dedicates itself to sharing the experience of Diablo II with others. MetaDiablo is also inspired by the original philsophies that Blizzard North held! Diablo II to this day remains to be some of the best memories people have ever had gaming, and still manages to maintain that 20 years later. We are proud to offer modern tools for a game that is 2 decades old, and has a very special place in the lives of many folks across the globe. We are the Meta of the Diablo II community.
-- The MetaDiablo Team