MetaDiablo Credits

Many thanks to those on this list for their helpful contributions.

Sorted in no particular order, linked to website profile where possible.

Name Description
The Arreat Summit Providing lots of reference.
Venue Support with development.
Kaylin Answering technical game questions.
Blizzix Contributing to development. (Hadriel)
Emjayen Answering technical game questions.
bb Inspiring me to make this list with a table.
flump Support with community development.
The Phrozen Keep Answering technical game questions and providing reference.
MeekNasty Support with development.
Blind Support with development.
Classic Games Team For their continued maintinance and updates on Diablo II.
MetaDiablo Without everyones support this community and website would not even be possible.
Blizzard North The founding members and developers of the Diablo franchise.