MetaDiablo API Documentation

The MetaDiablo API offers access to resources based on Diablo II.

The MetaDiablo API provides resoures such as cube recipes, entire resources for unique items, runewords, and more! You can use these in your own custom applications!


All of the endpoints which fetch account data require the use of an API key. There are currently two ways to provide an API key along with your request.
  • Adding the Authorization HTTP header to your request with the value Bearer <API key>.
  • Adding the parameter ?api_token=<API key> to your request URL.


Work in Progress


API requests will return a JSON response body describing the requested content, or error message, if applicable. Additionally, the HTTP response code can be used to determine the state of the response body.


  • HTTP 200 will be returned if all of the requested data has been returned.


  • HTTP 302 will be returned if attempting to access an authenticated endpoint without a valid API key, or with a valid API key without the necessary permissions. Redirected location is /login.
  • HTTP 404 will be returned if an endpoint does not exist, or all of the provided IDs are invalid.

The base URL for all endpoints is
Active endpoints